Aviation Week Program Excellence Awards is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC


November 20, 2024 | Washington, DC

PEX Forum

The Aviation Week Program Excellence Awards have recognized program performance beyond technology goals, recognizing leadership, creativity and process discipline. The aim is to identify best practices and lessons learned that can be shared across the aerospace and defense industry.

This year, we are coupling the awards with a forum that will provide an opportunity to hear first hand from our finalists and  serve as the backdrop for networking opportunities and knowledge exchange with senior leaders and top program managers. Delegates will come together for the ultimate gathering of key stakeholders from across the Aerospace and Defense industry for key insights, best practices, lessons learned and more.

1:05 - 5 :00  Conference Sessions (Final agenda to be released first week of September)
  • Panel discussion with Program Excellence Award finalists
  • Individual presentations by finalists
  • Q&A with Program Excellence Evaluation Team